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The Rural Technology Park (RTP) at NIRD, Hyderabad has inspired the establishment of the RTP at Nongbah Myrdon, a village situated about 10 KMs north of Umsning. The RTP will showcase various adaptable technologies for rural housing and infrastructure, rural energy, rural sanitation and provide a podium for expanding the business opportunities for the rural poor and entrepreneurs. The park spreads over an area of 5.5 acres to cater to the eastern region of the state comprising of the Khasi and Jaintia hills. The SIRD Meghalaya being the Apex institute for rural development in the state of Meghalaya has been entrusted with the task to oversee the entire management of the RTP.
The objectives is to spread awareness and popularise rural technologies through dynamic interactive processes outlined below:

  1. To provide functional exposure to dynamic replicable models to meet location specific cum season, specific cum social contextual needs;
  2. To promote participative cum partnership network collaboration between frontline/ forward demonstration teams, other official and NGO institutions and users by taking technology to user doorstep directly;
  3. Lend technologies at the RTP to users to facilitate practice/ display of operational skills and produce high quality products for sale on site;
  4. Link users, village institutions, NGOs, CBOs and institutions with technology developers/ suppliers; and
  5. Compile data bank and disseminate.

It is envisaged that the RTP will have the following scope:

  1. To spread and transfer all successful and appropriate technologies.
  2. To provide a platform for periodic exchange of ideas between CSIR and ICAR technology developers and inventors, other scientific establishment, marketing agencies, financial institutions etc.,
  3. To undertake actual technology transfer on ground that is expected to have multiplier-effect in villages through a project approach.
  4. To document successful and appropriate aspects of transfer of technology covering aspects like project cost, accessibility, acceptability, maintenance, profitability and marketing etc.
  5. To provide a regular mechanism to appraisal of various technologies.

Eventually, RTP can evolve as a centre for exchange of technologies among other states/ countries.
The technology involved in the setting up of the RTP is pictorially shown below:


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